At Top Tier Investigations, our infidelity division consists of cheating investigation experts who know the exact steps to take in order to uncover the truth for our clients. Ultimately, we are here to find the evidence you need and deserve to know about your relationship.

The Most Common Signs of Cheating

Matrimonial investigations and infidelity investigations are performed in order to determine if a person’s spouse, partner, or significant other is unfaithful or committing adultery. If you are unsure your spouse is cheating, we recommend reviewing signs of a cheating spouse prior to calling an investigator. There are numerous methods to establish, verify, and prove infidelity in a relationship.

A Sudden Need for Privacy

Cheaters usually fear their significant other will find out what they’re up to. They will become more secretive and will keep to themselves.

Partner Staying Late at Work

Sometimes cheaters may use overtime work as a cover for times when they are actively cheating on their partners. He or she may not be at work, but somewhere else entirely. GPS can be used to determine their actual whereabouts.

Do I Need an Infidelity Investigator?

We hear different infidelity stories everyday. Our marital infidelity private investigators will aim to provide the necessary evidence to prove your case with irrefutable, undeniable proof, but sometimes infidelity investigations aren’t cut and dry. When suspecting someone of cheating, you should be absolutely sure you would like to conduct an investigation. Identifying any suspects in these cases is vital; we provide accurate details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, place of employment, and a full background check on the individual. Occasionally, after our clients prove their significant other was cheating, they’re not sure what their next steps should be. We always advise weighing your options when dealing with a cheating spouse.

Why should I hire your agency to conduct my infidelity investigation?

Top Tier Investigations is a full service agency however we have a whole division that is dedicated to matrimonial and domestic cases such as infidelity, cheating wife or cheating husband cases. This division’s primary function is to investigate these types of cases and handles a vast amount per year. Our experience in these cases is unsurpassed and second to none. Non-confidential references can be furnished upon request.

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