Family law investigation is an area of the law that deals with family matters and domestic relations, including: divorce, marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships; location of birth parents and children involved in a divorce or state care, and surrogacy; child abuse, spousal abuse, elder abuse, and child abduction, infidelity, child support, and much more.

The role of a private investigator at Top Tier Investigation Inc. varies by the type of dispute and the needs of the case, but he/she can generally perform the following basic tasks:

  • Collection of Evidence – The investigators main task is to collect evidence, digging for civil judgments or criminal records, talking to people, or utilizing other means such as a stakeout.
  • Surveillance – Working within the confines of the law, he often watches an individual to see where they go, how they interact with their children, whether they’re living a secret life, etc.
  • Background Checks – Checking a person’s professional history, social contacts, and other such information typically is done via the internet but also may involve phone calls and interviews.

Using a Private Investigator for Divorce

Through surveillance of the party, monitoring social media activity, accessing records of purchases, and other methods, our private investigators are often able to prove infidelity or at least activities or expenditures suggesting an affair.

We also can help find assets relevant when determining property division, child support, and spousal support. It’s not uncommon for parties to attempt to hide assets once they believe divorce is imminent, particularly when finances are managed primarily by only one party.

Using a Private Investigator for Child Custody

Child custody determinations are generally made with the child’s own best interests in mind, regardless of what the parents would prefer. Using our private investigator for child custody dispute can reveal whether a parent is in fact capable of providing a stable home environment for the child.

Investigators at Top Tier Investigation Inc. have a variety of tools and methods at their disposal to help with custody cases, including the gathering of witness statements, background checks, and surveillance.

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