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Forensic Investigations for Phones and Computers

Our success is deeply rooted in our experts’ proven ability to gather and preserve electronic data that successfully verifies whether or not a person was working on a computer, using an electronic device, or whether data has been tampered with, copied or deleted.

We specialize in recovering every important name, number and much more within the timeline as promised by our team. With a systematic approach, we handle the risks involved and help the victims to overcome the trouble. Using proven techniques and advanced tools, we crack the source of the hacker and deliver support in getting rid of the issues.

Digital forensics focuses on computer forensics, network forensics, and mobile forensics. In litigation, frauds, or personal situations, the preservation of electronic data can be one of the greatest challenges. Electronic devices that contain a history of information should be protected and preserved, the data they hold could be centric to winning a case.

At Top Tier Investigations Inc., we are professional, thorough, timely, efficient, methodical, and detail oriented. Our experts provide consultation regarding the proactive management of information and records that may be found on these devices:

Our Team Ensures:

Digital artifacts like text messages or browsing history can provide a surprising level of detail about a subject’s motivations, attitudes and activities and help shine a light on covert or inappropriate behavior. Text messages, emails, instant messaging, photos or video are often associated with hidden metadata, which are the dates, times and other logged information relating to digital activity

By analyzing the metadata on cell phones, laptops or other devices, our forensic experts can create a detailed timeline of activities and conversations.

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