Top Tier Investigations

GPS Tracking

Do you want to know the location of any of your employees or vehicles? Do you need evidence to show the routes taken, or locations visited by somebody? If so, a GPS tracking system could be the perfect solution.

Since GPS vehicle tracking systems are trending nowadays, we emphasize on working upon them. If you wish to track any vehicle’s location, GPS tracking is the ideal choice. At Top Tier Investigations Inc., we implement a wide segment of surveillance investigations for our private and commercial customers.

Why Opt For GPS Tracking Investigation?

GPS tracking is considered an essential tool for modern surveillance. These technologically rich devices are discreetly installed on the vehicles and helps in real time tracking. At Top Tier, we use GPS vehicle trackers for a wide range of investigations, including:

Matrimonial Investigations:
One of the most common uses of GPS trackers is determining the location of a client’s partner if they’re suspected of cheating.

Corporate Investigations:
GPS trackers can be used to check expenses claims, determine whether a company vehicle is being used for personal reasons, to track an employee on sick leave, or to confirm sensitive or valuable cargo is delivered safely.

With wireless signals and years of valuable experience, our team monitor the movement of a vehicle 24 hours a day. In addition to determining the location, a GPS tracker can also detect the location of any stops, the length of time at each stop and, if necessary, the speed at which the vehicle is traveling.

Through a combination of experience and the latest tracking technology, we can provide you with an evidence you need in support of your case.

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