Do you want to know the location of your, or someone else’s vehicle? Do you need evidence to show the routes taken, or locations visited by somebody? If so, a GPS tracking system could be the perfect solution.

At Top Tier Investigations, we use the latest GPS tracking systems for a range of surveillance investigations for our private and commercial clients.

GPS Tracking

What Is GPS Vehicle Tracking?

GPS vehicle tracking systems are an essential tool for modern surveillance. They are small, but highly effective pieces of technology, which are discretely fitted to vehicles and tracked in real time.

The device sends a GPS signal to satellites, enabling you to monitor the vehicle 24 hours per day. In addition to determining the location of a vehicle, a GPS tracker can also detect the location of any stops, the length of time at each stop and, if necessary, the speed at which the vehicle is traveling.

Our experienced team of detectives can fit GPS trackers discretely, and monitor and record the information for our clients. We produce comprehensive reports of the vehicle’s movements, which can be overlaid into maps to make the data easier to comprehend.

The Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking

  • Cost: They are a cost-effective solution to surveillance operations, as they’re cheaper than having the vehicle physically followed by a detective.
  • Discretion: They’re an ideal solution for when an investigation is so sensitive that a PI cannot follow the vehicle without fear of detection.
  • Reliability: A clever driver, or heavy traffic can cause a detective to lose sight of the vehicle, but a GPS tracker is reliable and accurate.

Uses for a GPS Tracking System

At Top Tier, we use GPS vehicle trackers for a wide range of investigations, including:

  • Matrimonial investigations: One of the most common uses of GPS trackers is determining the location of a client’s partner if they’re suspected of cheating.
  • Corporate Investigations: GPS trackers can be used to check expenses claims, determine whether a company vehicle is being used for personal reasons, to track an employee on sick leave, or to confirm sensitive or valuable cargo is delivered safely.

At Top Tier, we have years of valuable experience in GPS vehicle tracking, and our operatives are highly trained personal with the skills to remain anonymous throughout the investigations. Through a combination of experience and the latest technology, we can deliver the evidence you need in support of your case.

To find out more, or to discuss using GPS tracking systems, call us today on 416-549-4901