Top Tier Investigations

Missing Persons & Skip Tracing

Do you want to trace the location of a witness for legal proceedings? Did any of your loved one went missing? Are you in need of professional skip tracing service? If yes, Top Tier Investigations Inc. is here for you. We are a full-service investigation firm having an expertise in missing person tracing, skip tracing, witness location, and background check services.

If you are waiting for a legal hearing, we help locate witnesses. In case, your family member is missing and you are not able to make a contact with them, our team of local and qualified skip tracers can locate them from anywhere.

What We Can Help With?

Our team of private investigators have years of experience tracking down lost children, siblings, mothers, and fathers throughout the country. We know who to question, what kinds of questions to ask and how to quickly respond to tips.

Who Do We Help Trace?

For witness locate or skip tracing, look no further than us. Our approach can lead to successful tracing even when there is very little information to go on.

In few cases, an individual is unaware that he/she is a witness and are being traced. In other cases, a witness hides himself to prevent any legal actions or hassles. We help trace:

If you need to have a missing or elusive witness located or traced, just discuss the details with us. We are fully aware of the urgency involved in legal matters and the attorneys that rely on us know we will act quickly to find the missing parties.
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