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Insurance fraud is a serious criminal offence – so let Top Tier Investigations Inc. stop it before it gets worse. As your trusted and experienced private investigators in Toronto, our sole mission is to detect and deter insurance fraud. We specialize in investigating insurance fraud, using the latest technology and methods to catch people in the act, such as those claiming misrepresentation, faking injuries, not reporting income, working while injured, and many other unreported activities. Our highly-trained and professional insurance fraud investigators Toronto are prepared to gather substantial evidence and determine if fraud is prevalent in your case. Expect results with Top Tier’s insurance fraud investigations.

Types of Insurance Fraud

How do we Investigate Insurance Fraud?

We take a proactive approach to insurance fraud investigation in Toronto to provide you with concrete results. We determine the claimant’s current activities, any full or part-time employment held since the date of loss, dependents, household income, health status, civil or criminal litigations, and recreational or strenuous activities in or around the home. We conduct in-depth surveillance, review documentation and interview individuals before providing you with detailed reports pertaining to the findings of our investigation, giving you the answers you want.

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Our insurance claim investigations understand the importance of your insurance fraud concerns, committing to integrity, professionalism and transparency. You’ll feel comfortable with our team.


With more than 30 years of experience in our industry, we have handled various insurance fraud cases, delivering results that truly make a difference to your case.

Competitive Pricing

Why should you miss out on investigations? We offer fair and competitive pricing while offering you insight into where your money is going and why.

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We remain accessible to our clients 24/7, working promptly while supporting our clients with a partner they can trust.

Complete Privacy, Confidentiality & Discretion

Our commitment to your privacy is a key value that we hold to the highest degree. You never have to worry about your privacy with our experts.

Detailed Reporting

You will receive a full, detailed report highlighting substantial evidence, statements and all vital information. You’ll have a strong backbone for any fraud case.

Fully Licenced, Bonded & Insured

As the leading investigation firm in Toronto, we are fully licensed by the Province of Ontario while being bonded and insured for all our work.

Free Consultation

Have a free and frank discussion with our private investigations. We’ll analyze the stability of your case, giving you advice on how we’ll proceed.

The Best in Insurance Fraud Investigations in Toronto

At Top Tier Investigations, we know firsthand how our investigations can save insurance companies hundreds of millions of dollars each year. That’s why we strive to deliver meaningful results by utilizing the latest methods and technologies at our disposal while remaining discreet and using sound judgement during operations. Our insurance investigators in Toronto will never overstep their mark, providing evidence that can be used in court. There’s a reason why our clients frequently come back – we are capable of handling complex and sensitive investigations, delivering results that actually make a difference.

Looking for professional and experienced investigators in Toronto who can handle your case with confidentiality? Trust the experts at Top Tier Investigations. Contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance fraud is considered a crime involving one party deliberately trying to deceive or mislead another to inflict damage by unjustly obtaining money or services. In most cases, it occurs when a person misleads an insurance company for money. It is a very common crime.  

Indeed we do! We can help businesses and companies with WSIB and corporate investigations in Toronto. We also offer GPS tracking and forensic investigations for phones and computers.

Those caught committing insurance fraud can face criminal offences and be subject to extensive fines and jail time if convicted. Fraud over $5,000 can result in up to 14 years in jail, while under $5,000 can spend two years in prison. You might also pay fines, pay back the money and be denied insurance in the future