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Whether you want GPS tracking services or suspect that your spouse is cheating, Top Tier Investigations Inc. is here to help you. 

As the leading investigations firm in Markham, we understand the importance of the dilemma you’re facing. It should not be taken lightly or brushed off; it should be investigated with care, precision and full confidentiality, ending with evidence that gives you the answers you want to know. That’s what you’ll get with our private investigators in Markham.  

Our experienced team is qualified to serve your needs by delivering the highest quality results in a timely and cost-effective manner. Experience a better standard of investigations with Top Tier.

What We Do

Discretion is Sacred to Our Private Investigators

With over 30 years of experience and the various types of investigations we have conducted during our time, we know how sensitive personal, workplace and legal matters may be. That’s why we approach it with a high level of discretion, based on hard-hitting proof and strict protocols. For us, your case and privacy are of paramount importance – and we will treat it as such. We will handle your case with sound judgement, proper procedures and logic, never putting your investigation in harm’s way. We will conduct thorough and proven research before coming up with a decision and compiling the report. With our highly trained and experienced private investigators, your secret is always safe.

What Makes Our Private Investigators in Markham The Best?

​Our proactive, forward-thinking approach has assisted families in insurance claims, workplaces in legal battles and even COVD-19 compliance cases. It’s through this unparalleled success that we have garnered our clients’ confidence, establishing us as the leading private investigation firm in Markham. No matter what you need from our team, be it months-long GPS tracking, digital forensics or discrete cheating spouse investigation, you can get it from us. Seasoned, creative and always five steps ahead, Top Tier Investigations can truly give you the answers you want, making us the best private investigators in Markham.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can assist with both small investigations and long-term cases that take months. We understand that your matter is important and serious to you, so we will take on any investigation, providing you with the answers you need to know. 

No, it is not. As we are licensed under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act in Ontario, we are legally allowed to conduct investigations on behalf of our clients. We will not engage in any illegal investigations.

It depends on the type of investigation, the length of the case and any complexities that arise. We can discuss fees after becoming familiar with your case and what you want us to accomplish. Please schedule a free and confidential consultation.  

Whatever information you have where you suspect something is afoot. Explain to us in great detail what you suspect is happening, and give us examples to highlight your point. The more information you provide us, the better we can conduct an investigation on the matter, as we can plan out movements and strategies. 

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